Pizza Rustica

I promise I prepared and baked this on Tuesday, I’m just a hair late getting the photos prepped and the blog post written…

I was sort of excited when I read that Pizza Rustica would be featured for April.  Then I realized I was confusing this recipe with Torte Rustica.  I was a bit skeptical of the combination of sweet in the crust and savory with the filling.  I’m generally not big on the combination of salty and sweet, chocolate covered pretzels for instance, or the ubiquitous salted caramel the kidz are crazy about these days.

Having now made Pizza Rustica, that skepticism felt deserved.  I think I would like this crust with a semi-sweet filling, maybe even a quiche with one or more sweet vegetables such as caramelized onions or asparagus.  With the ricotta filling, I just wanted less of the sweet, or perhaps needed the filling to be that much saltier.

In any case, the dough came together pretty easily, and this was my first chance to use a new toy: a fluted pastry/pasta cutting wheel.  Next time I’ll actually bother to lay the lattice on straight and even!

Here’s the whole pie after cooling about half and hour:

And here’s a quickly styled shot with a little garnish reinforcing the filling:


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7 Responses to Pizza Rustica

  1. i had similar feelings about a sweet dough for a savoury pie!! i like your second shot with the garnish!!

  2. Elaine says:

    Great shots! I put some green onion in mine which gave my filling a little bit more savoriness which helped cut the sweetness of the dough.

  3. jane says:

    I agree and made the crust with less sugar. The pie looks great.

  4. Cathleen says:

    Great stylized shot! Looks great.

  5. Cher says:

    it looks lovely.
    It seems like people either loved this one or felt “meh” about it…

  6. Jessica says:

    I am looking for a good lamb recipe. You seem like you know your way around the kitchen. 😉
    I follow all your recipes. I would LOVE for you to knead and pull my dough. Write me.

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